ICC full form in Cricket | What does it stand for?

What Does ICC Stand for in Cricket?

If you’re a cricket fan, you’ve probably heard of the term “ICC full form in Cricket” and wondered what it stands for. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the governing body of cricket that regulates the sport across the world.

It is responsible for setting the rules and regulations for the sport, and for promoting cricket globally. The ICC also organizes international tournaments and decides which countries will participate in them. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ICC’s full form in Cricket and its purpose.

History of the International Cricket Council

It was founded in 1909 as the Imperial Cricket Conference and is now known as the ICC International Cricket Council. On 3o, November 1907, Abe Bailey, president of the South African cricket association wrote a letter to MCC Marylebone Cricket Club secretary, F Lacey. In this letter, he suggested the formation of the Imperial Cricket Board.

He said the board would be responsible for rules and regulations and also govern the international matches between the three nations (England, Australia, and South Africa). But Australia is not agreed and rejected the offer. Bailey did not lose hope and continued to see other options.

In 1909 Bailey saw an opportunity of getting members together on an Australian tour of England 1909. After so many hardships Bailey was successful in his aim.

Representatives from 3 boards met at lords and founded the Imperial Cricket conference. And a month after a second meeting was held between three members. The policies have been agreed upon among the nations and the first ever Tri-Test series was held in England in 1909.

In 1964, ICC agreed to include non-test-playing nations and changes its name from the Imperial cricket conference to International Cricket Conference. On July 1989, ICC renamed itself as International Cricket Council, and the rule of the MCC President routinely turning into the Chairman of ICC was demolished.

International Cricket Council serves as Governing body

The ICC is the organization that oversees cricket internationally. It was establish in 1909 as the Imperial Cricket Conference and is now consist of 105 members from different nations. Some are associates, some are affiliates and some are full members.

Team Region Admitted
AustraliaEast Asia-Pacific1909
South AfricaAfrica1909
West IndiesAmerica1926
New Zealand East Asia-Pacific1926
Zimbabwe Africa1992

Nations with full members are are England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, West Indies, and Sri Lanka.

In addition to its role as a governing body, the ICC also enforces a code of conduct that all players must follow. The ICC Code of Conduct requires players to avoid activities related to bribery, match-fixing, and corruption. To further protect the integrity of the sport, the ICC has a Corruption and Security Unit to investigate any reports of unethical behavior in cricket.

The ICC is the ultimate governing body for cricket, ensuring fair play and competitive integrity across the world. With its wide-reaching authority and strict rules, the ICC helps to ensure that cricket remains a beloved and respected sport.

Popular Events organized by ICC

The ICC is responsible for organizing and governing the sport’s major international tournaments, such as the Cricket World Cup. It also ranks players, awards player of the year, women’s cricketer of the year, and Emerging Player of the Year.

Men’s CricketWomen’s Cricket
ODI Cricket World CupWomen’s T20 World Cup
T20 World CupICC Women’s World Cup
U19 Cricket World Cup
World Test Championship

The World Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in the world and brings together some of the best players and teams from all over the globe.

Source of Income

There is no income stream for ICC from the bilateral series. ICC generates an amount from the tournaments they organize especially from the World Cup and they distribute most of the income to its members. Sponsorship and Television rights brought in 1.6 billion dollars, considered the main source of income. In the 9nth month of December 31, 2007, ICC earned 12.66 million dollars from sponsorships and subscription members.

ICC Awards

To recognize the excellence of teams and players in international cricket, the ICC presents numerous awards. Some of these awards include the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy. Which is awarded to the best male cricketer of the year. And the Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Award, which is awarded to the best female cricketer of the year.

The ICC also awards several special recognition awards such as the Spirit of Cricket Award, the Umpire of the Year Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Other awards presented by the ICC include the Code of Conduct Awards. Which recognize players who have demonstrated excellent conduct and discipline on the field of play.

Umpires and Referees

Umpires and referees are an important part of the international cricket system, ensuring that matches are fair and played according to the rules. International umpires and referees are choose by the ICC from a pool of expert international umpires.

Ultimately, the ICC is responsible for overseeing the umpiring and refereeing of international cricket, providing a fair and consistent approach to officiating throughout the world.

There are three panels of umpires Elite panel, International Panel, Associates and Affiliates panel. The Elite Panel Includes 12 umpires as of March 2012. Two umpires from the Elite panel must oversee a test match while one umpire from the elite panel stands in One Day International matches with the International Panel. The average schedule for Elite umpires is 10 -15 ODI’s and 8 – 10 test matches.

Global Cricket Academy

It is located at Dubai Sports City in the UAE. Facilities include two ovals with 10 turf pitches, synthetic practice facilities and outdoor turf. There is also a facility for indoor practice including hawk eye technology.

The ICC has a dedicated Global Cricket Academy that works to develop and promote the game around the world. This academy has a number of responsibilities, including running international cricket tournaments and events and maintaining the rules and regulations of the game. In addition, the academy provides coaching and training courses for players and coaches from all over the world. Rod Marsh serving as academy Director of Coaching.

Regional Bodies

These regional bodies intend to develop, promote and organize the game of cricket.

Asian Cricket Council

European Cricket Council

African Cricket Association

West Africa Cricket Council

ICC East Asia-Pacific

East and Central Africa Cricket Council

ICC Americas

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