Indian cricket players salary | How Much Do They Really Earn?

Indian cricket players’ salaries revealed!

India is home to some of the most talented and successful cricket players in the world, and their salaries reflect the level of success they have achieved. But just how much do Indian cricket players earn? In this blog post, we will take a look at the salaries of different Indian cricket players salary to get an idea of how much money they make from their respective teams. We’ll also explore how these salaries compare to those of other international cricket players. Get ready to delve into the finances of some of India’s finest cricketing stars!

Grades in BCCI central contracts

  • A+ for all three format players
  • A for all three format players, test cricket necessary, at least 2 formats
  • B for two format players
  • C for one format players


 “A+” “A” “B” “C”
7 Cr INR5 Cr INR3 Cr INR1 Cr


Players include in A+ Grade

  • Virat Kohli
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Jasprit Bumrah

These players can earn 7 Cr annually.

Players include in A Grade

  • R Ashwin
  • KL Rahul
  • R Jadeja
  • Rishabh Pant
  • Mohammed Shami

These players can earn 5 Cr annually.

Players include in B Grade

  • A Rahane
  • A Patel
  • C Pujara
  • S Iyer
  • S Thakur
  • M Siraj
  • I Sharma

These players can earn 3 Cr annually.

Players include in C Grade

  • S Dhawan
  • H Pandya
  • Y Chahal
  • M Agarwal
  • D Chahar
  • S Gill
  • H Vihari
  • W Saha
  • Suryakumar Yadav
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar
  • Umesh Yadav
  • W Sundar

These players can earn 1 Cr annually.

Match fees for Indian cricket men’s player

Test MatchODI MatchT-20 Match
15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh

Those who are not included in playing 11, will get 50% fees.

Indian cricket player’s salary list 2022

V Kohli15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh7 Cr
R Sharma15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh7 Cr
Jasprit Bumrah15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh7 Cr
R Ashwin15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh5 Cr
KL Rahul15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh5 Cr
R Jadeja15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh5 Cr
R Pant15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh5 Cr
M Shami15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh5 Cr
A Rahane15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh3 Cr
A Patel15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh3 Cr
C Pujara15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh3 Cr
S Iyer15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh3 Cr
S Thakur15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh3 Cr
M Siraj15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh3 Cr
I Sharma15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh3 Cr
S Dhawan15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr
H Pandya15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr
Y Chahal15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr
M Agarwal15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr
D Chahar15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr
S Gill15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr
H Vihari15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr
W Saha15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr
B Kumar15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr
U Yadav15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr
W Sundar15 Lakh6 Lakh3 Lakh1 Cr

How much do Indian men domestic player earn?

Seniors (above 40 matches)60,000 INR
Under 2325,000
Under 1920,000

Indian women’s cricket player salary


“A” “B” “C”
50 Lakhs INR30 Lakhs INR10 Lakhs INR

Note: Match fees for women cricketers are the same as for men’s cricketers.

Players included in A Grade

  • M Raj (retired)
  • H Kaur
  • S Mandhana
  • P Yadav

These players can earn 50 Lakhs annually.

Players included in B Grade

  • E Bisht
  • J Goswami (retired)
  • S Pandey
  • D Sharma
  • J Rodrigues

These players can earn 30 Lakhs annually

Players included in C Grade

  • R Yadav
  • D Hemalatha
  • Anuja Patil
  • V Krishnamurthy
  • M Joshi
  • P Raut
  • M Meshram
  • A Reddy
  • R Gayakwad
  • T Bhatia
  • P Vastrakar

Increase in match fees for women domestic players

BCCI has recently increased the match fees for senior women domestic cricket players (12,500 to 20,000)

Bonus for every Indian Cricketer

  • Player who scored a century in ODI or Test will get Rs 500,000
  • Player who scored a double century in Test will get Rs 700,000
  • Player who takes 5 wicket haul in a Test match will get 500,000
  • Player who takes 10 wicket haul in a Test match will get 700,000

Indian Cricket Players Salary List 2021

Indian cricket is one of the richest cricket boards in the world and the players are paid handsomely for representing the country. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the richest cricket board in the world and it pays its players very well. The players are paid according to their rankings and their experience in the team.

  • The following is the list of Indian cricket players’ salaries for the 2021 season.
  • Virat Kohli – 7 Cr INR
  • Rohit Sharma – 7 Cr INR
  • Shikhar Dhawan – 1 Cr INR
  • Ajinkya Rahane – 5 Cr INR
  • Ravindra Jadeja – 5 Cr INR
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar – 1 Cr INR
  • Jasprit Bumrah – 7 Cr INR
  • Mohammed Shami – 5 Cr INR
  • Ravichandran Ashwin – 5 Cr INR
  • Umesh Yadav – 1 Cr INR

Indian Cricket Players Salary List 2020

As the cricket season is underway in India, we take a look at the top 2 Indian cricket players who are earning the highest salaries.

Virat Kohli, the current Indian captain, is the first cricketer on the list. He is earning a whopping Rs 7 crore (US$1.1 million) per year from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). This does not include the amount he earns from endorsements and other commercial activities.

The second highest-paid Indian cricketer is Rohit Sharma. He is also earning Rs 7 crore (US$1.1 million) per year from BCCI. This amount is likely to increase in the future as Rohit is one of the most sought-after players in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

These two players are followed by MS Dhoni, who is earning Rs 6 crore (US$0.9 million) per year, and Ravichandran Ashwin, who is on a Rs 5.5 crore (US$0.8 million) per year contract.

It is no surprise that the top 4 highest-paid Indian cricket players are 3 batters and one bowler. This is because batting is the most popular form of the game in India and the Indian team has always been known for its strong batting line-up.

However, it is interesting to note that Ravichandran Ashwin is the only bowler in the top 4. This just goes to show that he is one of the best bowlers in the world and is highly valued by the BCCI.

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